27 January 2009

17 January 2009

Wild Kingdom Photo Shoot

No animals were harmed in the making of these images. But one of them creeped me the hell out.

The first night we planned this shoot, Chicago enjoyed the worst tornado warnings in recent history. The model, Gia (Panzer Princess), brought along her cuddly little companion, an iguana named Arson. Nikita stayed away from the reptile but was very curious. We had to keep an eye on her. Amy J was on hand for makeup and she created the kick-ass spines for Gia. By hand.

Before we got too deep into it, we noticed that the online weather reports were severe. Loose debris and Smart Cars were blowing past the windows. We had to call it off and stay away from the windows.

Take II

Gia brought the "big bug" back. Amy J did the make-up and applied the spines with spirit gum. A trying process, but patience and steady hands kept it together.

We got some beautifully artistic but relatively intense shots. A nice balance of softness with edge. I kept the lighting simple, using a soft contrast technique.

No real incident with the crawly creatures. They were laying about two feet apart after the shoot and then the iguana decides it wants to go in the kitchen. Right past Nikita, who was laying down (see picture). Nikita sprung up as the bug scurried past, arcing into a perfect crescent, her tail along the contour of her spine.

The bug kept going and Nikita remained frozen in confusion.

So anyhow, we got some great images, the best of which are posted here.

Wonderful, SImple Light

You can say so much with so little. While a multi-strobe lighting set-up brings incredible dimension, a single whisper of softness is enough to sculpt dreams out of reality.

Image Update

Here are a few of my newer images. I am constantly progressing and seeking new ideas for presentation of my work. I love light and shadow, and being able to play in them.

Tabitha was wonderful, as usual. It had been far too long between shoots, so we made the most of it. We struggled less with the rabbit than with finding something at a Victoria's Secret.


This was my first shoot with Alice J. A cool lady, she takes direction well and is patient.

15 January 2009

Finally...A Vegas Alien Photography Blog

Welcome to my second home on the web.

I am a Chicago photographer specializing in model photography, boudoir photography, commercial and catalog photography and personal portraits.

Watch this space for pricing specials on photography, educational content, video tutorials, seminars and portfolio updates.

It's not much right now and will grow at a humble rate.

Jim Warren

Vegas Alien Photography