17 January 2011

Break with Tradition

The phrase "traditional portraits" brings to mind the formal shots in front of either mottled or fake scenic backgrounds, using lighting formulas per an age-old tradition. I don't wear medals and do not need any sort of title. Nor do I wish to be part of such a club. It's fine to learn some lighting formulas and adhere to them to make consistent images, but I am not part of that society.

I believe that each image should be unique to the subjects in front of my camera. Over many years I have experimented played, tested and fought with different ways to bring my subjects into their best light. All of this experimentation has developed my photographic vocabulary. Every new person I work with brings a fresh opportunity to create something very special for and unique to them.

I don't have pre-set, cookie-cutter lighting scenes, nor do I treat clients like cattle to be herded through some type of photo mill. The finished image is heavily influenced by the personality of the sitter. Your photo session will be light-hearted and fun. The more comfortable a person is, the more authentic and personal that image will be.